A History Lesson

Recently, Fox News contributor Greta Van Susteren attacked the Harris County Democratic Party for our support of Senator Wendy Davis, specifically relating to our "I Stand with Wendy" signs showing support for Senator Davis. According to Ms. Van Susteren, our show of support is actually us taking pot-shots at Attorney General Greg Abbott's disability.



Well, we want to offer Ms. Van Susteren a history lesson to set the record straight.  We can make this really simple.  




And as far as people living with disabilities are concerned, the Democratic Party has a long-standing history of supporting legislation that protects and empowers individuals with disabilities.

Click here for a simple comparison of the Democratic Party Platform versus the Republican Party Platform which points out more than a few reasons why Democrats do not just offer lip-service, but rather concrete ideas and policies for the disabled - including provisions included in the Affordable Care Act.  

Last time we checked, Republicans were still trying to repeal the ACA.  (Greg Abbott included)


We look forward to Greta's follow-up piece criticizing the conservative organization Texas Values on their use of the word "stand" in their pat on the back to Greg Abbott for his work promoting discrimination against City of Houston employees - since Fox News is known for its "fair and balanced" reporting. 




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