Become a Precinct Chair


If you are wondering what a Precinct Chair is, here are the basics.

If are you interested in becoming a Precinct Chair, here is an introduction to your duties.



A precinct is the smallest political subdivision in Texas. Texas counties are divided into individual precincts, and it is the responsibility of the Precinct Chair to contact, guide and organize Democratic voters in their respective precinct. Precinct Chairs also sit on the County Executive Committee, which conducts the local business of the Party. The duties and responsibilities of Precinct Chairs provide fundamental services to party effectiveness.



  • Organizing their precinct
  • Mobilize voters and get them to the polls
  • Bridging the gap between voters and elected officials
  • Finding election judges for elections
  • Plugging volunteers into county-wide efforts and local campaigns
  • Organizing and conducting the precinct convention
  • Encouraging primary voters to attend precinct conventions
  • Serving on the County Executive Committee


Filling a Vacancy prior to a Primary Election.

Please fill out a Precinct Chair Interest Form to request appointment to a vacant precinct.


Resigning your position

If you wish to resign from being a Precinct Chair, a resignation form can be found here.


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Julie – your name is not on our list and we do not hand out the list we have so probably people are calling off an old list. Hope you are well. Houston misses ya!
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I resigned when I moved with assurance from a friend that she would chair after I left. After giving her all my walklists, email addresses and records she decided it was too hard. I am still getting emails from candidates. Please remove my name and address from whatever lists you are furnishing to candidates. Pct. 0148, Julie Jackson
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