Dominique Davis

County Commissioner Precinct 1 Information

The Process for Placing a Candidate on the Ballot for Pct. 1

Due to the loss of Commissioner El Franco Lee, The Harris County Democratic Party must move forward with choosing a replacement candidate for this November’s ballot for Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 1.

There will be two meetings held at CWA Local 6222- 1730 Jefferson St, Houston, TX 77002. Both meetings will be open to the public.

May 22 from 3pm-5pm- Public Forum to meet the individuals interested in consideration for the Commissioner Precinct 1 position (All are welcome and public comment will be encouraged)

June 25 from 10am-Noon - Commissioner Precinct 1 Precinct Chair meeting to select a new ballot candidate. (All are welcome, but only Precinct Chairs who reside within Commissioners Precinct One and whose most recent term of office as Precinct Chairs commences June 13, 2016, are permitted (by the Texas Election Code) to vote.

NOTE: If the Precinct Chairs in Commissioner Precinct 1 elect to place a current office holder or candidate on the November ballot for Precinct 1, then it may trigger further meetings to replace that person in their original ballot position.


Potential Candidates

Nominations will be accepted from and voted on by the Precinct Chairs in Precinct 1 in attendance at the June 25 meeting. The replacement candidate does not have to 'register' or otherwise announce a candidacy. However, interested parties are encouraged to contact the Party in order to keep them up to date on information and to bring some organization to the process. The candidates listed below have given written notice of their interest in this vacancy. Other individuals may be interested in running. 

Four potential replacement candidates have confirmed their interest with the Party so far:

1. Rodney Ellis
2. Gene Locke
3. Nathaniel West, Sr.
4. Georgia Provost