What is Engage 365?  

Engage 365 is the Harris County Democratic Party's new non-election season, civic engagement program, designed to keep Democrats active and engaged in the community by taking part in civic-oriented, community service projects in targeted communities and neighborhoods.  

Throughout the campaign we always hear the complaint that we only contact voters when we A.) want them to go vote or B.) when we're asking them for money.  

Engage 365 allows us the opportunity to contact voters with an invitation to help us take part in a community service project in their neighborhoods.  

Engage365 is about Democrats giving back and investing in the communities we live and work in, but it’s also an opportunity for us to eliminate the start-stop nature of organizing for elections by keeping our voter data current and up to date.

With this program we are able to update data on voters, identify super-volunteers for future events and elections, and recruit new activists to help us reinforce the basic infrastructure of our county Party.

In January our service project was in partnership with the Houston Food Bank, raising 1600 pounds of food and $1600 dollars.  

In March, we partnered with a neighborhood clinic, transforming a vacant lot into a thriving community garden and emphasizing the importance of the Affordable Care Act and the First Lady's 'Let's Move' program.  

The best is yet to come.  

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While Republicans Rant… Democrats Do – Help us feed the hungry this month in honor of MLK.