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commented 2017-02-19 14:23:06 -0600 · Flag
I believe more energy needs to be put on what is not said or doone.trump’so people are very good at redirecting the question asked and also the content of the conversation.
commented 2017-02-16 14:15:39 -0600 · Flag
Democrats have failed blue collar workers and middle class. There has to be a ‘get out to vote’ for local and state elections!! We must get through to every one how much their votes count! Every taxpayer, rich and poor, every race.
commented 2016-07-06 10:24:56 -0500 · Flag
I want to know how much of the taxpayers money was spent on Trump trip to Ireland to open his private golf course. I want to know when he is going to comply with the law and open his Tax Returns so we can see if in fact he is as wealthy as he brags to be and just how much he has paid in taxes to support the country he claims to love so much. Also I want to know what kind of back lash are we having from foreign governments over his comments about their leaders and citizens. I hear Mexico is very upset and forming a close relationship with Canada and Puten is wanting to become Mexicos new best friend.
commented 2016-07-06 10:18:32 -0500 · Flag
I want to know how much taxpayer money was spent of Trump trip to Ireland to open his golf course? How much was spent on security guards, hotels, and food. I also want to know when is he going to release his tax returns as required by law. I also want to hear from some of the people he put out of business in his school and casinos. He brags about his great wealth so why doesn’t he tell us how much he is worth and how much taxes he has contributed to this country. Put the spot light on him and take if off this cell phone business.
commented 2014-10-30 23:17:10 -0500 · Flag
Please get all the democrats in the major citieis of Texas to try a minium wage of 9 per hour. This will prove to the republicans they don’t have it easy in Texas.
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commented 2013-12-08 19:11:36 -0600 · Flag
Our City Council budget of hundreds of millions of dollars is entrusted to our elected representatives. There is an important runoff race for several city council positions. So far less than 12,000 residents have voted. Do you trust that the few will share your opinion? Early voting ends TUESDAY. Election day is Saturday. PLEASE VOTE!
commented 2013-08-24 13:17:41 -0500 · Flag
The biggest issue we face now is to get people without an approved ID to get a free TDPS Voter’s Identification certificate or request an application for a Ballot By Mail. Which begins 30 days before the Nov 5th election.
commented 2013-01-29 13:02:02 -0600 · Flag
I am glad Civil Rights remains a part of the issues we should address in the Democratic Party.
commented 2013-01-09 16:27:22 -0600 · Flag
Where’s the “Add Your Voice” button so I can start my personal blog?