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Julie – your name is not on our list and we do not hand out the list we have so probably people are calling off an old list. Hope you are well. Houston misses ya!

Download Voter Registration Applications

Do you need to register to vote?

Are you a Certified Voter Registrar wanting to register someone else to vote?


Either way you need a Texas Voter Registration Application to do it!


Click on this link to download as many as you need:



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Still Standing with Texas Women


Today the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will be considering HB2, the anti-abortion omnibus bill that was forced through the Texas legislature in special sessions in 2013.


HB2 left chaos in its wake with the closure of health centers throughout Texas, but the Supreme Court intervened and those vital centers were allowed to remain open. Now the 5th Circuit will be making the decision on whether or not HB2 will go into effect. 


This fight is not only about the fight for access to reproductive health care, but it is also about keeping health centers which provide other vital services like cancer screenings and immunizations open for business in parts of the state that are desperate for access to healthcare. 


We are asking you to recommit to standing with Texas women and Texas families by signing the petition. We will keep you informed about what is happening in the fight for access to healthcare in Texas. 


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Thank you for posting

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The agreement is 2 days a week for 3 months. They understand if you cannot make all the meetings but it is, of course, encouraged.

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Really fantastic coordination between club and Party. Great leadership Art!

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Well said Senator.

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Very true – thank you.

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Check with Texas Democratic Party

Abbott should stop dodging on women's equal pay!

March 10, 2014
Contact: Rebecca Acuña: (956) 206-5853
Wendy R. Davis for Governor Campaign



BREAKING NEW VIDEO FROM WFAA: Abbott Refuses To Give Straight Answer About His Opposition To Texas Equal Pay Bill

Click here to watch the new video. 

Fort Worth, TX — Today, Wendy Davis released the following statement after Attorney General Greg Abbott dodged and weaved instead of giving a straight answer that he would veto the Texas Equal Pay Act as governor in a Sunday interview with WFAA.  The Texas Equal Pay Act, also known as the Texas Lilly Ledbetter Act, is a common sense equal pay law that would ensure women are paid the same as men when they do equal work.

“Greg Abbott needs to stop dodging and give a straight answer about his opposition to the Texas Equal Pay Act.  Hardworking Texans deserve to know if he believes in this simple principle: a full days work is worth a full days pay no matter what your gender.  With more families than ever before relying on two incomes, they cant afford to have one of their paychecks unfairly reduced just because one of them is a woman,” said Senator Wendy Davis.

During the last legislative session, Senator Davis led the fight in the Texas Senate for Representative Senfronia Thompson’s Equal Pay Act - (HB 950).   After passing through the Republican controlled legislature in 2013, the bill was vetoed by Governor Rick Perry.

According to 2012 census data, Texas women are paid roughly 82 cents on the dollar on average for comparable work compared to men.

African-Americans are paid about 59 cents on the dollar and Hispanic women are paid about 45 cents on the dollar for the same work compared to their male counterparts.

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Best wishes to you and your mom! Get well soon.

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What a great read! Thank you Council Member Cohen.

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Thank you for posting – good read.

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Alan nailed it

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Well said Scotty.

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