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Immigration Lawyers needed

Who is available to represent those trapped at airports since Trump's travel ban on 7 countries?


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Precinct caucuses are no longer held on election day. They will occur at the Senate District Conventions, March 19th, in various locations. Preregister at http://register.txdemocrats.org

FCC Puts 1,000 Low Power FM Frequencies Up For Grabs

In an article posted at Nation of Change, Jim Hightower invites those sick of conservative talk radio to start their own station!  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be part of such a thing!  I could TOTALLY talk for an hour a day about sustainability, social justice, etc etc etc.  Who's with me?  Let's do this!  The deadline is October ... don't dawdle!   http://www.nationofchange.org/get-radio-active-1376574444

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How do I change my profile information? I can’t find an Edit button on it.

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Why is this not on the Calendar tab?

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1) How do I correct details of a calendar event I created?

2) Why is shrabar@wt.net showing as my email?

3) I’m posting in My Houston because I can’t figure out how to blog on issues… help?

Apartments Are Communities ... or they CAN be, if we work at it.

I read about "Apartments Are Communities" on http://www.texanstogether.org/about, and found it inspirational.  I want to use the idea in my precinct, starting with the three apartment complexes by my house.   I am willing to spend up to 12 hours a week on this, 44 weeks of the year.  Although I am not an apartment dweller, I am a trusted member of their community.  I registered 50 voters from apartments last year, so the kids and the security patrols know me and my bike.  This month, I'm going to throw a community-building information fair with free pizza, balloons, voter registration, and club signups.  Whoever comes will be asked to pick what kind of club they'd like to help with, and how.  I'll be temporary chair of everything, and then let folks take over as they come up to speed.  I figure one of these little fairs per quarter, plus monthly club meetings of all sorts, and soon folks will be ready for bigger things:  neighborhood watch, tool library, homework network, etc.  Like this idea?  Share suggestions!

Deputy Voter Registrars: apply now, train soon, work later

You can either print out an application http://www.hctax.net/forms/voterapps/VolDeputy_ENGLISH.pdf or pick up an application downtown at the Tax Office (1001 Preston, 1st Floor) or at the Distribution Center (11525 Todd St, 77055).

Suzanne Testa at the Harris County Tax Office says we all have to submit this form BEFORE we can sign up for the 2013-2014 deputy voter registrar training.  And of course, we can't register voters until we complete the training, whenever that happens.

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Security issue with this site

Facebook doesn't like nationbuilder's GoDaddy certificate... says it doesn't match. I had to choose to accept a Security Exception, which makes me nervous.  I hope they fix that.

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