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The Democratic Party has progressive values, inclusive policies and represents all regardless of income, race, creed, religion or orientation.

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This is an awesome resource and communication document.

City of Houston Run Off Race has a very low turnout

Our City Council budget of hundreds of millions of dollars is entrusted to our elected representatives. There is an important runoff race for several city council positions. So far less than 12,000 residents have voted. Do you trust that the few will share your opinion? Early voting ends TUESDAY. Election day is Saturday. PLEASE VOTE!

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I smell a rat!

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Most of us are keenly aware of how much devastation has been been cast upon the Texas Education System. I am hoping that this documentary will shed light on the issue and create the impetus for change.

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I only made the commentary that is associated with my own name. Lots of good Democrats at Songbird Sanctuary tonight!

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Saturday, April 29th from 10-12 noon
Educational Session on Voter Protection for Prospective Volunteer Poll Watchers:

Voter’s Rights including current ID laws
State Laws Governing Poll Watching
Obligations of Election Judge

Location: HCDP HQ, 1445 N loop W,
Houston Tx 77008  
3rd floor conference room
For questions contact: Gemsbyj@aol.com

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