Sustaining Membership Phone Bank


Harris Democrats,

The last four days have been AWESOME! Since Monday, we have all been WORKING hard! 



March Brown Bag—March 8, 20017

Volunteer Engagement Brainstorming Session—March 09, 2017 


Together, we have:

  • launched The Blue Report, our weekly newsletter to share information about activities around the County
  • scheduled a Sustaining Membership Phone Bank, starting 3/13-4/05 from 11:00 AM-4:00 PM(RSVP here. If you're not able to make a donation, stop by our office to help us contact old donors to the Party and ask them to renew their membership)
  • scheduled a VAN training at HQ on 3/17 from 5:30 PM-7:00 PM (everyone is welcome! RSVP here) so you can learn how to work with the Voter Activation Network
  • scheduled a phone bank to turn out Democrats in the Pasadena Municipal Election on 3/18 from 10 AM-12 PM at HQ (everyone is needed! RSVP here)
  • moved a Battleground Texas Organizer into our office
  • scheduled a training on how to tell your personal story and second shift of the Pasadena Municipal Election Phone Bank on 3/18 from 1 PM-5 PM at HQ (RSVP here)
  • had a packed house at our Brown Bag lunch to talk about the strengths of the Democratic Party and to brainstorm about a new logo for HCDP
  • began the process of creating a Millennial Committee with the help of Johnathon Miller and Dominique Davis
  • scheduled a monthly staff meeting with all volunteers (it will be at 10 AM on the 3rd Monday of each month, going forward) and
  • created a "We Are" cloud, which is a collection of words that describes who we are as Democrats:



On April 7th, Secretary Hillary Clinton will be in Houston to speak at the Annie's List Luncheon. If you become a sustaining member in the next 6 days, you will be entered into a raffle to win a seat at the luncheon! Click here to become a sustaining member have your name entered into the raffle.

About Becoming a Sustaining Member
Every person can be a stakeholder in our Party. Sustaining Members are an important part of our infrastructure backbone. To become a Sustaining Member, donate at least $120 (at once, or through monthly payments of $10 or more) for an individual membership or $200 (at once or through monthly payments of $17 or more) for a family membership. By making a contribution you will help us maintain a database of Democratic voters and activists, run the primary elections, help to disseminate information to our voters and encourage grassroots activities. In short, your contribution helps us conduct the official business of our Democratic Party here in Harris County.  We hope you will consider becoming a Sustaining Member and help us fight to regain a Democratic majority in Texas.

About Phone-Banking
Phone-banking is a critical part of any get-out-the-vote (“GOTV”) effort. It involves gathering with like-minded Democrats using computer software and cell phones to call potential voters and ask for their help turning Texas blue. We have upcoming races for the Pasadena City Council and we could use all the help we can get! Training is provided. If you can use a computer mouse and dial a phone, you can help get out the vote for this important upcoming election!


Harris County Democratic Party Chair
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