The First 100 Days

Well, let's first note that we have barely dented the historic prologue to the Trump Presidency. At this writing, Donald J Trump has been in office for a mere 21 days.

There were those of us who hoped for things to settle down a bit out of the gate, but alas, that has not been the case. On Saturday, January 21st, Houston witnessed a peaceful but enthusiastic swell of resistance to many of the concepts and ideas that Trump has advanced in his campaign. Estimates were about 10,000 people gathered on the steps of City Hall that bright, sunny Saturday morning. The crowd was very diverse, cooperative and creative. 


Democratic leaders across the nation have challenged the electorate to become more involved. "Call your Congresspeople and Senators!" Across the greater Houston area, many have endeavored to do just that. Sadly, repeated efforts have netted less than desirous results. Sadly, Senator Cruz and Senator Cornyn are not very available. Typically, reports are that nobody answers the phones and voicemail boxes are full.

On January 24th, one group of local women decided to visit Cruz’ local office. They could never get anyone on the phone. Their intent was to merely ask for an appointment time.  The staff was so upset they had security remove them from the building. One woman filmed the encounter and posted it on Facebook.

Events like the above have not been widespread but rather an indicator of many Houstonians displeasure with how the Trump Presidency has begun. Sunday, Feb 5th, brought thousands of visitors to Houston for the Super Bowl. Five hours before kickoff around 1,000 protestors gathered at Hermann Park. "Hey, Ho, Donald Trump has to go!"






Protestors voiced different reasons for involvement but all were united in their concern for our nation and the direction things appeared to be headed.  

If you sacrifice freedom for security, you will have neither.


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