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I support the Harris County Democratic Party because I believe:

  • that a woman must control her own reproductive choices
  • that health care is a right
  • that we are all Environmental Stewards 
  • in love and equality and marriage for all who desire it
  • that the most important legacy we can leave our children is a quality education 
  • in freedom of religion, including the right to no religion

And I believe that there is nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed with what is right with America.

  • and I believe that there is nothing wrong with America that

Pneumonia can't stop Flora Medellin from voting, what's your excuse?

Mom had a fractured tibia earlier this year.  Every day leading up to the surgery, she'd ask if her Ballot by Mail for the Primary had arrived.  She was worried she'd kick the bucket in the OR and not have her vote in the ballot box.  As luck would have it, the ballot arrived the day before the surgery, she voted in pre-op and had a successful surgery.  

Now it's time for the General Election, the all important mid-terms, with so much on the line for our state and our nation:  women's rights, access to healthcare, education, services for the elderly and infirm, and our civil and voting rights.  And once again, mom finds herself in the hospital fighting off a really nasty case of pneumonia.  When she started coughing, she asked if her ballot had come in the mail.  When she was being admitted to the hospital on Monday, 9/22, she asked again.  As the infection got worse, she got a little loopy and confused, but she kept asking.  After 6 days of IV and oral antibiotics, she's beginning to come back to us.

Her ballot arrived Saturday, 9/27.  This morning, in her hospital room, it was easy for her to mark her ballot--STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC TICKET!  But she still asked me to read out all the names.  She was so happy to be voting for so many people she knows personally and knows would do a wonderful job in office:  James Cargas, Jim Sharp, Steven Kirkland, Ann Harris Bennett, Debby Kerner, Melissa Noriega, and so many others.  She hasn't met Wendy Davis or Leticia Van de Putte, but she wants to get better so she can meet them, too!  

When she got to the Lone Star College Bond item, she asked if it would help students.  I said yes, so she voted for it.

As I was watching her cast her ballot, I could see the joy she got from voting for good people and a great Party.  I could also see the pride she had in being a good citizen and exercising her sacred right to vote.  When she was done and she had all the papers put together, she asked me to wash and powder her face and comb her hair.  Then she asked me to take a picture of her with her ballot.  That's when I knew the antibiotics were working and she was feeling better!




Mom voted while she was waiting to be wheeled into surgery; what's your excuse for not voting?

Many of you all know my mom, Flora Medellin, from political events and fundraisers past.  As she has gotten older and her health has declined, she hasn't been able to join us at Democratic events and she misses seeing her Democratic family and catching up on the political news. 

No matter how ill she has been in the past few years, no matter how many surgeries she's had, no matter how tired she is from grueling physical therapy sessions, she never misses a chance to vote.  And she becomes very upset when folks give her excuses for not voting.

Case in point:  She fell and fractured her right tibia, just below her knee replacement, last month.  The swelling and bruising were so bad the doctor couldn't perform the repair until today.  When she found out last Wednesday that she would, indeed, need to have surgery, her first thoughts were not about the dangers of the surgery or the post-surgical pain, or even the long process of rehab.  Her first question to me was "have you ordered my ballot by mail?"

I am happy to report that she received her ballot in the mail yesterday.  This morning, when we were waiting in the pre-op area at Memorial Herman Southwest, she filled out her ballot and made me promise to go buy a stamp and put it in the mail as soon as they wheeled her into the OR!  I, of course, complied with her wishes.

I was even able to take this photo of her with her ballot before they changed her into her hospital gown:


Happily, her surgery went well and she is resting comfortably.



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Question regarding photo ID: must the name on the ID and the voter registration certificate be EXACTLY the same? Must the address on the ID match the voter registration certificate?

These potential problems are of particular important to students who live at home but register to vote at their school locations. And to Latinos who may have multiple middle names or initials, mother's maiden name, etc. on their ID's but not on their voter certificate.

What exactly does the law require and what training are the clerk's getting?

Voter Photo ID


The Texas Legislature passed a bill implementing a photo identification requirement for Texas voters.  To vote in the next election you must present AT LEAST ONE of the following forms of ID.  

If you do not have one of these forms of identification, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page so we can contact you and help provide guidance.  


Accepted Forms of Identification:


1.  A Texas Driver License or personal identification card - unexpired or less than 60 days expired.  Issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).




2.  A Texas Concealed Handgun License - unexpired or expired less than 60 days, issued by DPS. 






3.  United States Military identification card - containing the person's photograph.





4.  U.S. citizenship certificate with photograph, or U.S. passport - unexpired or expired less than 60 days.





If you do not have ANY of the above listed items, fill out the box below.  



5.  Texas Election identification certificate - If you do not have ANY of the above listed items, you can apply for a Texas Election identification certificate.  You can receive this ID for FREE if you do not have any of the other forms of identification listed above.  You can find out more information about obtaining this ID at this link.  

To find the DPS location nearest to you, click this link.




Exemptions from Photo ID requirement

No photo ID is needed if you vote by mail.  Those with documented disabilities can call the County Voter Registrar at 713-368-2000.